Forget Shopping, Cooking & Messy Cleanups

The Kale Diet – Organic, Plant-Based Meal Delivery Program

The Kale Diet was developed by our Executive Chef and approved by our Registered Dietitian. The program follows the principles of a whole food, plant-based diet. Focusing on fresh produce, plant-protein, antioxidant-rich ingredients, superfoods, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

The program is designed to fuel the body and mind naturally with seasonal, organic and local ingredients. With meal size recommendations for those with varied health and wellness goals. We believe what you eat matters and our program is designed to take the work and guesswork out of healthy eating.

Why The Kale Diet? 

Adequate Complete Protein

The variety and quantity of plant protein sources throughout your meals will meet your body’s needs and support your health goals.

Balanced Nutrition

Your meals are reviewed by Kale’s registered dietitian to ensure that each day has a variety of macronutrients and micronutrients that are essential to your health and wellness.

Plan Flexibility – Choose The Best Plan for You!

Simple Changes – Big Impact

Switching to a Plant-Based Diet: Answers to the Big Questions

Changing your eating habits and your relationship with food takes time. As with any change, preparation is key. Our goal with The Kale Diet is to minimize the time and energy needed to plan, prepare, shop and cook the meals your body and mind needs for optimal health and wellness. Created by our executive chef and approved by our dietitian, our organic, plant-based meal delivery program makes eating right, easy.

Will I get enough protein?

Yes, you will be able to meet your protein from plants, both in quantity and quality. The key is to eat a variety of plant protein foods throughout the day, such as beans, nuts, lentils, seeds, and whole grains. In your meals from Kale, at least one protein source is included in each meal, and protein content could vary from 10-20 g. If you are planning meals on your own, aim for a minimum of 10 g of protein for one serving, which looks like ⅔ c beans, a little over ½ c of lentils, or ½ c of grains with 2 tbsp nuts or seeds. You can consult with our registered dietitian to determine your protein needs and how much you are getting from Kale meals.

Will I lose weight?

While Kale’s intent of providing a plant-based service is not to promote weight loss, vegan diets are typically tied to being thinner. Replacing a diet high in processed foods with meals made from whole ingredients often cuts out empty calories. Typically, you will find yourself needing to eat more if you want to maintain weight due to plants being high-volume foods for few calories, with the exceptions being foods that are high in healthy fats, such as nuts, seeds, and avocados.

Will I notice a difference? When?

You will notice many changes, both positive ones and less desirable ones, as you transition to a plant-based diet. These differences might occur more suddenly, while others take effect gradually over time. Some of the more short-term changes include a more colorful fridge and pantry, varied cravings, more rapid digestion and potentially bloating, elevated energy levels throughout the day, nutrition supplements, and improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels. After many months or years of taking up a plant-based diet, long-term changes include weight loss, improved management of some chronic diseases, reduced risk of cancers, reduced inflammation, improved immunity, and enhanced day-to-day functioning.

Will the Diet help with cravings?

As your body transitions with a food overhaul, you may notice initial cravings for typical foods that are laden with salt, sugar, and fat. You may even find yourself craving meat until your body gets into a nutritional balance. However, as you provide your body with essential nutrients from whole food sources, over time you will learn your body’s cues and what nutrients you need, which won’t include donuts or chicken legs. Listen to your cravings, whether that means blueberries or a fresh kale salad!