Buffet Heating Kit Instructions 

Our buffet heating kits will keep your food warm for up to 2 hours. 

Step 1: Your food will need to be warm before placing the food in the buffet warmers. The buffet warmers are designed to keep your food at the correct temperature for 2 hours. They are not designed to reheat your food, only hot food holding. 

Food is not hot already: Follow the enclosed instructions on how to heat your food in the oven.


Step 2: Place the chaffer rack on a flat and even surface. Remove the lids from the methanol fuel and place them on the chaffer rack’s base in their correct position. 


Step 3: Take the full-size chaffer pan and fill it with enough water to cover the base of the pan to a 2” height. Place the pan with water in the chaffer rack. Use your lighter to light the methanol fuel cans. In approximately, 20-30 minutes the water will begin to steam. Once steaming has occurred, place your warm food pans into the chaffer rack with steamed water. 

Step 4: Your food + buffet are ready to serve. 



Please note: If you are burning more than one methanol fuel can you will need to keep an eye on the steam pans to ensure there’s water in the base of the pan throughout service as it will evaporate. 

Download instructions