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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At Kale Personal Chef Services we believe your diet is the foundation for a healthy and long life. That’s why we carefully examine each and every ingredient to ensure it has met our high quality standards. Our produce is sourced from local and organic farms who share in our commitment in providing nutritious food without the use of genetically modified organisms (gmo’s) and pesticides.

Our Food Quality Standards:

  • We source our produce from local and organic farms.
  • We source wild caught seafood only.
  • We abstain from farm raised and gmo modified seafood.
  • We source organic dairy from animals free of growth hormones, pasture-raised and are grass fed.
  • We source organic eggs from cage free and pasture-raised chickens.
  • We use only organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and unrefined coconut oil, we never use canola or seed oils.
  • We use only organic and non-gmo tofu and tempeh.
  • We never use refined sugars, artificial flavors/color/sweeteners or bleached flours.
  • We use heart healthy fats such as avocados, coconut, nuts and seeds.


Food Made From Scratch. By Professional Chefs. With Love.

We believe Kale Personal Chef Services provides high quality, freshly prepared, healthy meals that won’t break the bank. We believe convenience shouldn’t sacrifice taste and quality and that’s why today and everyday, we’ll continue to create the best meals you and your body will be thankful for.