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How It Works


All of our food is gluten and dairy free.


These meals included lean meats and seafood. Each meal can feed one person. 

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Plant Based Meals

Our plant based meals are the perfect solution for those who follow a vegetarian, vegan, or plant based diet. Incorporate more plants, fiber, and nutrient dense foods into your diet. Each meal can feed one person.

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Family Style

Kale’s family style meals are designed to feed 4-5 people. This includes 2 adults and 3 children (depending on their appetite). Most sauces are served on the side, giving your family the opportunity to try new cuisine and flavor profiles. 

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What’s included with your meals

  • All meals are prepared fresh to order in our commercial kitchen
  • All dressings  and sauces are served on the side
  • All proteins are listed with their precooked weight
  • We use non-GMO avocado oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, and pasture raised butter in our food
  • All meals are packaged in recyclable containers
  • Meals are delivered cold, refrigerate upon delivery.
  • We use organic poultry, pasture raised beef, certified angus beef, wild caught seafood, organic produce, and more. Learn more about our food philosophy
  • All meals are labeled with best by date, storage, nutrition, ingredients, and/or reheating instructions



Each menu item varies and portions are listed within the menu item description

All protein sizes are listed within the menu item. The protein sizes are their precooked weight. 

Yes – we offer menu items that are plant based, vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Our a la carte menu items are not available customized. We do however place most sauces on the side, depending on the menu item type. If you’d like custom meals, please order a custom meal plan. 

Meals are delivered cold in a temperature controlled cooler bag with ice packs. 

Please refer to the best by date on each meal. 

Each meal is labeled with storage and reheating instructions. Please review carefully to ensure proper preparation. 


Orders are due by Thursday by 8 am.

No. To receive complimentary delivery there’s an order minimum of $100 and your delivery address must be within 15 miles of our commercial kitchen (85032)

We deliver on Mondays. Select your delivery window during checkout.

Yes – your delivery driver will ring the doorbell and leave your cooler bag at the door.

Yes – please refrigerate your perishable meals upon delivery.