helped the client recover for open heart surgery

Recently I was told by my heart doctor that I needed to consider changing my diet. He recommended a book that basically suggested I become a vegan. I had 95% blockage of one of my major arteries and I had two stents put in. I had been on statin medications for over fifteen years. I thought I had improved my eating habits but I was wrong. I had a family history of heart disease and in my case, I needed to make some big changes. I started reading several books and looking at various recipes. Then I got an early Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law. They surprised me with six cooking lessons from a vegan chef that came to my home. I am the first to admit I have never been a cook. My husband and I ate out most of the time. My oven had been used very little. I was excited to have someone come and help me but at the same time, I was nervous. My cooking experience was zero and I am 61.

The minute I met Chef Kristen I was no longer nervous. From my first lesson to my last it was a wonderful experience. She introduced me to many great recipes, as well as teaching me about cooking. There are many foods out there that I had never heard of or had eaten. She was a great teacher. We had a lot of fun while cooking. She asked me what type of foods or recipes I would be interested in. She then came up with ideas that would fit in with what I thought I would enjoy. She would add a few ingredients that were new to me. I am proud to say I think I have become a good cook in a short period of time. The things I am cooking are healthy and tasty. We would cook the first recipe of the day and then she would let me sit down to eat it because her enjoyment was me eating and enjoying what I had cooked.

I feel confident that I will continue to try new recipes and improve my cooking skills. I learned that I do enjoy being in the kitchen and I know I can succeed at eating a vegan lifestyle. I highly recommend you give Chef Kristen a chance to show you what she has taught me. Some of you may be experienced in the kitchen. You may be needing to change your eating habits and need some direction. Whatever it is she is sincere and really cares about teaching others, healthier ways to eat. I consider myself lucky to have met her. She changed my attitude which is what I needed to make this big change in my life.

Carmela Gary-Hewitt / Scottsdale


I am very impressed with the quality and variety of the meals you prepared over the last week. There were only one or two items that weren’t really my cup of tea but the rest tasted awesome and I lost eight pounds!

CJ Metz / Mesa