What is a Personal Chef?

What is a Personal Chef

A personal chef, by definition, is a person who is trained to cook, who prepares in-home meals for their customers for a fee. Personal chefs usually customize meal plans for one family or household at a time. They can also customize meal plans based on the dietary needs of clients. On the designated cook date […]

How Much Does a Personal Chef Cost?

Personal Chef Cost

The average cost of a personal chef is about $465 with average prices ranging from $180 to $750 in the US for 2020 according to multiple national sources. *Disclaimer – This is not a quote. Your actual cost may differ based on several cost factors. For daily private chef services in Phoenix or Scottsdale, we […]

Breakfast Chocolate Sprouted Oat Bowl

Since temps have been reaching 100°F+ daily, I’ve been starting my day with an early morning walk. Once home, I make breakfast and this breakfast is super simple to make, delicious and keeps me satisfied until lunch. Feel free to play around with toppings. I like to keep added sugar to a minimum and if […]

Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shake

Chocolate Mint Meal Replacement Shake

Chocolate-Mint Meal Replacement Shake Happy Fri-Yay! Welcome to our first recipe post! We’re starting off with a recipe for a creamy and satisfying chocolate-mint meal replacement shake.  While this recipe was created as a meal replacement for breakfast, it’s also great for satisfying sweet cravings.    Chocolate-Mint Meal Replacement Shake Recipe Yield: 2 (8 oz) […]

Creating Sustainable Healthy Habits

To strengthen your motivation for a healthier lifestyle, use these tips and strategies so that your new desired habits will be not only successful but sustainable, too. Be aware of time: After years– or a lifetime– of your current habits, it may take substantial time and multiple checkpoints to establish new behaviors. Allow 3 weeks […]